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Yoga Retreat to Azores, Portugal w/ Angela Cristina Pantaleon EYRT

 Uncover your inner beauty, as you disconnect from the fast-paced lifestyle many of us lead, and reconnect with your inner essence.

 Unwind and recharge in Lush, maritime climates, exploring the vast natural beauty the Azores has to offer. 

Learn mind-body techniques for healing and relaxation through the healing powers of Yoga and Meditation practices.

  ​Leave with a renewed sense of light, joy and rejuvenation, feeling empowered and connected with your true self. 


 Coming Soon June 2018 

Reasons to Visit Azores

Just a few reasons to visit these amazing islands. Great thanks to Chris Hau for this wonderful and awesome video of the Azores from the eyes of a camera lens.

Explore the Azures Island


  Visit the tallest point in all of Portugal, Pico Island being 2351m above sea level, as well as Faial and Sao Jorge, the largest of the 9 azorean islands. - Optional Massage booking available - Snorkelling in beaches and natural tide pools- Whale and Dolphin Watching- 2 Yoga workshops- Wine Tasting in Pico - Hiking 

~Our Island~

 Enjoy delicious, healthy (mostly organic and pesticide free) Authentic Portuguese food. 


Wisdom Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Ying Yang, Iyengar & Ashtanga inspired. Thai and Chakra Balancing

About Our Retreat

~Explore the Azures~

 The Azores is an autonomous region off of Portugal's coat making it a remote and untouched, nature lover's sanctuary. The Azores islands sit on an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic ocean making its climate a lush and distinct one from the mainland Portugal.​

 The beautiful islands are characterized by a vast array of dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green valleys and pastures and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. The vegetation is lush and the scenery striking.From Faial,  we can see Pico, São Jorge and if we are lucky during a clear, visible day we can see a fourth Island, Graciosa. The isolation of these islands allowed for different cultures to emerge on each one, varying across the islands and adding to the uniqueness the islands posses.

  What is so special about the triangle islands Pico, Faial, and Sao Jorge is their proximity to one another being just a stones throw away form the other. Faial, is home to the latest surface volcanic eruption in the Azores, vulcão dos Capelinhos, in 1957 and Pico, is home to the 2,351m Mt. Pico, making it the tallest point in all of Portugal (including the mainland) and vineyards sheltered by boulder. And last but not least, SãoJorge, being the largest of the 9 islands, is home to more than 80 Fajãs along its coastline. These tongues of land – whose surfaces reach up through the sea, are the result of cliff landslides and old volcanic eruptions, making them a sight to see.

 ​“I have come to realize that the most beautiful thing the islands possess , and which completes them, is the view of the island across the way”.-Raul Brandão 

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